Week 5: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                   0 MILES       1 STATE       7 DAYS       $460.45 Spent

Week 5 was our last stretch of familiar territory. Staying in Ashley’s home town, surrounded by family and taking some time to prepare for the road ahead. As far as travel goes on our journey we didn’t move an inch, however we were on the move non-stop. We spent plenty of time with family, a few days enjoying Milwaukee, some time upgrading the RV dining space and Ashley did some meal prepping while she had her relatives full-size kitchens at her disposal.


Summerfest – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you don’t know what Summerfest is, it is the world’s largest music festival! It lasts 11 days, with 11 stages and 800 bands come to play, lucky for us we were just in time. Now an event like this can get a little bit interesting at times which is why we went on a Thursday at noon on their advertised “family day”. Evelyn loves music and dancing so we were forced to stop for a few minutes at each stage and bust some moves, we even danced some to a “battle rap” if you can imagine that. We dug in on a huge turkey leg, some mozarella sticks and introduced Evelyn to the joys of Lemonade for the first time, let’s just say she’s hooked. If you’re ever in the Milwaukee area in early July make sure to put Summerfest on your list!


Miller Park – Milwaukee, Wisconsin



When we’re in Milwaukee we always make time for a trip to Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. The great thing about the park is that it’s open even when it’s not a game day! There is a TGI Fridays that is open year round, inside the park overlooking the field, so we always make plans to go there for lunch when we’re in town. Evelyn got to spend some time out on the balcony checking out the field, watching some players practice which was pretty cool and she also tested out some gear in the team shop! Brad took some time to fly the drone over the stadium, but didn’t quite work up the nerve to fly down into it… we thought that might cross a few lines.

Miller Brewery – Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Miller Brewery is a great stop for anyone looking to see not only how Miller drinks are made, but how they get from Milwaukee to the rest of the world. You get a look at the production, packaging and shipping lines of the brewery as well as a look into the past. With a brief history of the founder Frederick Miller and a look at the Miller Caves where they used to keep the beer cold in underground caves surrounded by ice before modern chill facilities and packaging that no longer requires refrigeration were created. Most importantly you get free beer! You are your choice of 3 drink samples to have on site at their beautiful outdoor Beer Garden, and their “samples” are very generous.

Green Meadows Farm – Waterford, Wisconsin


Green Meadows Farm was a very nice petting farm just outside of East Troy in Waterford Wisconsin. This farm had a wonderful difference from most others in that many of the small animals such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs were being fostered and were up for adoption, so you could come in and pet them and fall in love and if you were a good candidate you could take them home. It was also great because they had a dairy cow being milked and they would allow you to milk the cow under their supervision. Jack did a great job and Evelyn almost tried, but then smartly thought better of it. We enjoyed our day there spending time with Ashley’s mom and brother!



We haven’t talked much about food on the blog yet, but if you don’t know Ashley is an amazing cook! We eat about 90% of our meals in the RV and typically only eat out on a busy travel day or when we stumble across something we just have to have. So it really helps that we have such wonderful food served up for breakfast, lunch and dinner! While we were in Wisconsin with family Ashley took advantage of her Aunt Dana’s full size kitchen. She prepped huge batches of Eggplant Parmesan which is our favorite meal and for dessert, Tiramisu, we just freeze meal size portions separately and pop it in the freezer… ASHLEY FINISH THIS SECTION UP IM BUTCHERING IT



When we originally gutted and renovated the RV before hitting the road we thought our Ikea dining room table and chairs would be perfect, the table could be opened half way to seat 3 and save space, or opened fully to seat 6, the chairs and table could also be folded all the way down for travel. This sounded perfect for space efficiency in such tight quarters. However after just 1 month on the road we realized the constant folding, and unfolding, not to mention tying them down for each travel day just became a burden. So while we had some down time this week, with some help from Ashley’s dad and his friend Carl we brought to life a new vision for the dining space. Ashley hit the ??? store and bought a beatiful slap of Ash wood and a lower cabinet as well as some table legs. We then measured and cut everything to fit with the legs supporting one end of the table and the cabinet supporting the other end. Ashley then sanded and stained the table top which turned out amazing! We screwed the table to the wall and floor and got a set of stools from Target to finish the job. We now think this functions 100% better and looks and feels much cleaner!



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