Week 6: East Troy, WI to La Farge, WI

     167 MILES             1 STATE                7 DAYS                 $356.68 Spent

Week 6 is our last week of life off the road. It was a very low key week from a travel perspective so we have been itching to get back in the RV and start moving west. Of course it has been amazing to visit family and friends, but we took this plunge for the adventure and unknown and we are certainly not ready to slow down just yet. We wrapped up our visits with Ashley’s family in Wisconsin and for our last stop before entering back into RV life we stayed the weekend at a beautiful farm house in La Farge, Wisconsin with some friends from Georgia who love us so much they flew out to see us. This is also our first official week with Jack, Ashley’s 10 year old little brother and Evelyn’s uncle, he is tagging along with us for 3 weeks before we fly him home from Montana.


Head Water Farm – La Farge, Wisconsin

Head Water Farm was a beautiful farm house we rented for the weekend. We had friends coming up from Georgia to visit and figured instead of all packing into the camper we would rent a home for the weekend. We opted to rent in a small town on our route west in La Farge. This turned out to be a great choice!

The home had so much offer the game room above the garage, with ping pong and foosball we had too much fun and may have gotten a bit too competitive at times. A small creek flowing through made for fun in the water, we walked up the creek, built a dam, splashed around and caught craw dads. Evelyn was enjoying throwing her water bottle into the stream to watch it float down, unfortunately she secretly threw it in as we were leaving and we never saw that bottle again. We had a great fire pit for s’mores, cooking hot dogs and of course general pyro activities.

We couldn’t have picked a better final stop before wandering west with no more rest stops with families or time in homes without wheels, it is time we get back to what this trip was all about.

LaCrosse, Wisconsin

While staying in La Farge at the AirBNB we knew we had to make it out to Lacrosse to see Ashley’s best friend Ashley, yes that’s right they share a name. We had an outstanding visit, we had a chance to go into the downtown area where our Ashley got a pair of hiking sandals before we made our way to the river walk. Lucky for us they were having a river festival so Evelyn and Jack got to listen to live music and jump their hearts out in a bounce house. To wrap it up we strolled over the the Lacrosse farmers market and had lunch. We wish we had more time in the area, but our time was drawing near and the road was calling our names!!!


Ashley’s little brother Jack is joining us for this week and the next 2 weeks of our journey west. He is an amazing kid and he and Evelyn love each other more than anything. He will keep us entertained, keep Evelyn worn out and let us in on what the kids are up to these days. We hope to repay him with a strong dose of the traveling spirit and an appreciation for this amazing country we’re blessed enough to live in.


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