How Our Journey Began

Let us introduce ourselves:


Hey! We are Brad and Ashley and that little peanut up there is Evelyn Kate! We are a typical family of three and have lived in Wesley Chapel, Florida for the past three years. We have decided to rent out our 3,000 square foot home and move into a 300 square foot RV and travel the country for the next year. We have zero experience camping and before departure we had never spent the night in an RV. We came up with this idea just 6 weeks before we hit the road, we didn’t have a truck, an RV, any supplies or even basic knowledge of how to do this. We decided to do it anyways and we were prepared to deal with whatever came our way. So join us on our journey as we spend the next 12 months traveling, living, and learning as we travel across this great country!


3 Comments on “How Our Journey Began

  1. Very inspiring, Brad! We hope to do something similar in a couple years. Right now, we don’t have the truck or trailer, but plenty of tent camping experience. An RV would be a nice upgrade!


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  2. Oh so awesome and amazing!!! Reminds me of the Promiseland a television show I watched growing up! God will be with y’all every step of the way!!! God speed!!! And can’t wait to see and read of your journey He brings to y’all!
    We will be praying for good things to come!

    The Handleys


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