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Week 5: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                   0 MILES       1 STATE       7 DAYS       $460.45 Spent Week 5 was our last stretch of familiar territory. Staying in Ashley’s home town, surrounded by family and taking some time… Continue Reading “Week 5: Milwaukee, Wisconsin”

8 Must-Have Items when RV’ing with a Toddler

When you’re RV’ing with a toddler there are different challenges that come with the territory. You want to make the most of your time and for the parents that means being prepared which can make your travels a lot easier. We aren’t going to… Continue Reading “8 Must-Have Items when RV’ing with a Toddler”

Week 1 – Tampa, FL to Elizabethtown, KY

880 MILES       4 STATES       7 DAYS       $511.75 Spent       1.9% COMPLETE Week 1 we are running on excitement and positive thinking. The whole experience is still so new to us. We’ve done all of the textbook reading,… Continue Reading “Week 1 – Tampa, FL to Elizabethtown, KY”

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