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Week 2: Elizabethtown, KY to Montague, MI

455 MILES       3 STATES       7 DAYS       $886.25 Spent       3.8% COMPLETE Week 2 has been amazing in unexpected ways. We had a feeling Indiana would be miles of farmland and flat roads, we knew the Lake Michigan coastline would… Continue Reading “Week 2: Elizabethtown, KY to Montague, MI”

Week 1 – Tampa, FL to Elizabethtown, KY

880 MILES       4 STATES       7 DAYS       $511.75 Spent       1.9% COMPLETE Week 1 we are running on excitement and positive thinking. The whole experience is still so new to us. We’ve done all of the textbook reading,… Continue Reading “Week 1 – Tampa, FL to Elizabethtown, KY”

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